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Deborah H. Bateman Author and Founder of Christian Daily ResourcesDeborah H. Bateman is the founder of Christian Daily Resources Christian Online Ministry. Deborah is dedicated to "Sharing God's Word" throughout the world via the internet. Deborah is the author of this website, and several other sites.

Deborah is the author of thirty books in the
Daily Bible Reading Series including:

The Book of Ruth: A Story of Love and Redemption

The Book of Esther: A Story of Love and Favor

Beatitudes: How to Live a Blessed Life

Finding Our Identity in Christ

The Book of Ezra: A Story of Provision and Protection

Psalm 119: Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet

PURIM Celebration: 28 Daily Devotionals

God Is Love

The Book of Matthew: Life of Jesus Christ

Proverbs 31: Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman

The Book of 2 Timothy: Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy

The Book of Titus: Paul’s Letter to Titus

The Book of Philemon: Paul’s Letter to Philemon

The Book of Galatians: Paul’s Letter to the Churches of Galatia

The Book of Ephesians: Paul’s Letter to the Church at Ephesus

The Book of Philippians: Paul’s Letter to Philippi

The Book of Colossians: Paul’s Letter to Colosse

The Book of 1 Thessalonians: Paul’s First Letter to the Thessalonians

The Book of 2 Thessalonians: Paul’s Second Letter to the Thessalonians

The Book of Nehemiah: A Story of Dedication and Determination

The Book of Zechariah: A Story of Dreams and Visions

The Book of Malachi: A Message from the LORD

The Book of Haggai: Consider Your Ways

The Book of Psalms: Part 1 Chapters 1-30

The Book of Psalms: Part 2 Chapters 31-60

The Book of Psalms: Part 3 Chapters 61-90

The Book of Psalms: Part 4 Chapters 91-118

The Book of Psalms: Part 5 Chapters 120-150


Deborah is also the author a book about self-publishing called: Self: Publishing Simplified: How to Publish a Book on Kindle." In the book Deborah not only discusses  how to publish on Kindle, but also the passion behind publishing, building your platform, and promoting your book once it is published. Deborah is also offering coaching to those who wish to consult with her about publishing their books.

Christian Daily Resources was started as a way of "Sharing God's Word" through different avenues; Bible Study, Music, Books, Ebooks, Bible Verses, Prayers, Poems, etc.

Deborah has an author site at where she shares about her books as well as Daily Bible Reading. She also includes articles about self-publishing, digital publishing, indie publishing, social media, and book marketing. You can subscribe to her site at:

Daily Bible Reading was created to "Share God's Word" through Bible Study. It has recently been moved to the blog on Deborah's author site at:

You can subscribe to Daily Bible Reading to receive daily devotionals in your inbox Monday-Friday at:

Deborah is also the author of, which was created to "Share God's Word through Daily Bible Verses. Deborah shares Bible verses from her books as well as other Bible verses to encourage and inspire. You can subscribe to Bible Verse Tweet to receive daily Bible verses in your inbox Monday through Friday.

Deborah is a Christian. She was raised in the Baptist Church since she was a young child. Being raised in church and saved at an early age has made faith a big part of Deborah's life. It is the one thing that has really helped her get through all the trials of life. Depending on the Bible, God's Word to comfort her, strengthen her, guide her, and lead her through life. This is why she feels it is necessary to study the Bible daily by having a daily devotions, and keep a daily dose of the Bible in her life.

Deborah likes to study the Bible. She likes doing Bible studies on different topics from the Bible or different books of the Bible. She likes this style of studying because it helps her to focus on one subject at a time. Deborah uses Scriptures from the King James Version of the Bible, that is her personal preference, because that is what she grew up learning and it is the one she is most familiar with. She loves sharing what she is studying with others.

Deborah is happily married, a wife of soon to be 40 years. She has two beautiful daughters and five precious grandchildren.

Deborah is a contributor to "Women of Wisdom" section of Living Better at 50+ Magazine.
Her article "Seasons of Our Lives" was published in the August 2011 issue. It was also featured in the Women of Wisdom Monthly Newsletter.

Her articles on "Beatitudes", were published starting in the September 2011 issue. Deborah has now published them in her book: "Beatitudes: How to Live a Blessed Life"
You can go to Deborah H. Bateman-Christian Author Facebook Page to connect with Deborah or:
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