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Christian Poems 4


Wishful thinking on my part -
But to be with Jesus in Galilee,
I know in the depths of my heart -
How different my life would be.

Could I have sat at His feet -
Looked up in His loving face,
Heard Him say, "Blessed are the meek,"
Looked on that man so full of grace.

By faith I can see Him now,
Sitting by the Father on His throne:
With the scars from the crown of thorns -
He wore to save sinners like me, to atone.

He said, "I am the Word made flesh"
To be the "Sacrificial Lamb -"
In your life to be guest -
If you will follow the teachings of the "Great, I am".

He brought supreme love -
And mercy from God above,
And forgiveness for our sins -
Our forte, souls to win.

It's up to us to be, what He would have us be,
And like Peter say "Lord save me",
When his faith was weak -
And he was sinking in the Sea of Galilee.

In loving memory of
Author- Nora Hawkins
my Husband's Grandmother
Used with permission by
Lois Penner-Daughter

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