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Since I Met You, Jesus

By: Caroline Gavin


More lovely is the sound
Of the birds in song,
Since I met You,
Since to You I belong.

More blue is the sky,
More brilliant the sun,
Since I met You,
Since I found the One.

More green is the grass,
More fragrant the flower,
Since I met You,
Since I feel Your power.

More refreshing the rain,
More delightful the breeze,
Since I met You,
My heart ever You please.

More joyful the tree,
More glorious the hill,
Since I met You,
My longings You fill.

More exuberant the music
Of the splashing waterfall,
Since I met You,
My All in all.

More delightful each day,
More restful each night,
More lovely each moment,
More spectacular each sight.

More beautiful are all things,
Since I met You;
My Jesus, You beautify
All I say, think and do.

Your countenance radiant
Shines all ‘round me;
Yea, the glory of Your face
Is in all I see.

The tenderness of Your touch
Ever do I feel.
Transcending my thought,
Yet ever true and real.

The music of Your voice
Resonates in all I hear -
Singing to my soul,
Ringing ever clear.

The captivating fragrance
Of You, the Sharon Rose,
I smell all around me
As my love ever grows.

Surely all things are lovely
Since You and I did meet;
Surely all things
You make divinely sweet.

So sing I shall of You,
And I offer You my life;
I proclaim Your praises
Through both joy and strife.

Your touch sweetens
Even seasons of pain;
Surely You bring Light
Even in the rain.

More lovely for You,
Beloved, I long to be;
I place all in Your hands,
Lord, take all of me.

Surrendered to You,
May I be fragrant as the flower,
As I yield all to You,
Embracing Your power.

For Your glory alone,
May I shine as the sun:
I live no longer for me,
But for You, Eternal One.

And since I met You I join
With the birds in song;
I sing of my Jesus,
To Whom I forever belong.


© 2012 Caroline Gavin


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